2006 - 2009 - Co working with Škoda Auto a.s. - Škoda Motorsport. Body shell and safety
cage development of Škoda Fabia S2000. Technical support and leading of prototype body shells
construction, organizational activities of platforms series manufacturing of Škoda Fabia S2000

2011 - Co working with Jaromír Šimek - custom manufacturing  
2011 - Co working with Karosář.CZ s.r.o. - bodywork repairs by PDR method, repairing vehicles
damaged by hails

2012 -2015 - Co working with Škoda Auto a.s. - Technical support of body shell construction
and development - project Škoda Fabia R5.

2015 - official distributor of Docol metal sheets and tubes in the Czech Republic.

2015 - manufacturing of safety cage in project - Formula Student TU - Ostrava