Extra high strength Tubes for Racing and Safety Applications

General product description

DOCOL Tube R8 is TIG welded cold sized circular tube of high strength steel. Tubes are intended for
applications requiring combination of extreme strength, good formability and excellent welding properties.

DOCOL Tube R8 is approved as allowable material in the SFI specification for roll cages of drag racing vehicles
and also approved for NASCAR racing vehicles.


DOCOL Tube R8 is developed especially for safety cages, race car tube chassis and other safety components.

DOCOL Tubes R8 are produced with narrow tolerance, so one fits into each other. Both outer and inner weld
beads are removed. Inner bed is forged in and outer bed is ground off.

A number of selected dimensions can be ordered from stock, custom dimensions can be produced upon

The new product Docol tubes R10 has been developing att hepresent moment - tubes are made of the
Docol 1000 DP. These tubes are meant to be used for manufacturing of chassis components and their
properties are very similar to 15CdV6 steel.

Mechanical properties
Inspection and mechanical tests on tubes are preformed according to EN 10305-3

Chemical composition
The tubes are not intended to undergo any heat treatment after welding and sizing as that may alter the
mechanical properties of the material.

DOCOL Tube R8 can be ordered in metric or imperial units. The tubes are oiled with anti-corrosive oil.

Recommended additional material for welding:
MAG: OK AristoRod 89, OK AristoRod 69, OK AristoRod 13.12 (ESAB)
TIG: OK Tigrod 13.12 (ESAB)