DOCOL 800/1000 DP
High performance sheet metal

General Docol DP metal sheet description


Docol DP is a cold reduced dual phase steel manufactured in Sweden.
Docol DP is characterized by a very good formability, stiffness and also good weldability by all conventional methods of
welding. Combination of its mechanical and technological properties is used for formed, bended and also for unbended
parts mainly applied in motorsport.

Usability - reference of material Docol DP:

Mostly used in construction of bodywork reinforcement parts - door beam reinforcement, bumper reinforcement and
seat tracks.
Also used for manufacturing bodywork safety parts of any kind. The advantages are:
Stiffness/low weight/durability (tested on rally cars, WTCC and Drug racing vehicles)
Used for manufacturing welded tubes for safety cages for NASCAR - homologated in USA

Dimension range:

The metal sheet is supplied in different dimensions depending on steel grade and thickness of sheet. Dimensions are
700-1500mm width and 2000mm length.
Thickness of the metal sheet is from 0,5mm to 2,1mm, thickness tolerance according to EN 10131.
Regular thickness of sheet available at the moment: 0,8mm; 1,0mm; 1,2mm; 1,5mm; 2,0mm

Mechanical properties:

Chemical  composition:

Recommended additional material for welding:
MAG: OK AristoRod 89, OK AristoRod 69, OK AristoRod 13.12 (ESAB)
TIG: OK Tigrod 13.12 (ESAB)